Frases para triunfar en sociedad inglesa y demostrar tus bastos conocimiento de los barbarian languages. Via CPI completado con algun plato de cocina más (posa el cursor sobre la frase para tradución simultánea). De nada, Mónica.
Females jews with thief
Octopus on the iron
From lost to the river
You have more tale than little street
The mother who gave birth to him
Sissy the last
For if the flies
Shit little parrot
To fuck the female pig
To put in a cigar
My happiness in a hole
it which-o ?
Your pan has gone
Everywhere they boil beans
Go out by legs
It is not turkey mucus
Lets go Don?t fuck me
That if you want rice Catherine
To go by the Ubeda´s mountains
You see less than Joseph Milks
Until then Lucas
The gold that shited the Arabian man
You shited Burt Lancaster
I am not able to, I am not able to
Send eggs!
I can´t with my soul
You hallucinate little cucumbers
You don´t give foot with ball
Coward of the prairie
Sinful torpedo
Seven horses come from Peacefulness
To you they gave you a label of anisette of the monkey
High to the meritorious one!
Brother-in-laaaaaaaaaaaaaaw !!!!